Croatian Simple Sentences 1 - Audio Book, Level 0 - Easystarts / A1, Novice Low

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Audio book with simple sentences in Croatian (only): € 5,99 + Tax

The audio book “Croatian Simple Sentences 1” offers ready-made sentences for learning. They are grouped according to the topics that Croatian learners at the first level – A1 / Novice Low need. The simple sentences facilitate the use of Croatian in practice and they are of great help in the use of the Croatian language

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  • Narrators: Naida Jusufhodžić-Grbić, Nina Bilić, Danilo Wimmer
  • Writer, director & producer: Ana Bilić
  • Audio producer & Music: Danilo Wimmer

This reading book is part of the book series CROATIAN MADE EASY which offers textbooks, reading books, audio books, interactive e-books with audio, videos and other media as well as useful tips for learning Croatian as a foreign language. For more information about the book series and other publications on learning Croatian, please visit our homepage:

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29 Files according to the table of contents in the textbook with High Quality MP3 (320 kBit/s)

Language Level 0
Easystarts - A1 / Novice Low
99 Minutes
29 HQ MP3 Audiofiles
Interactive E-Book + Audio
Croatian Made Easy

Croatian Simple Sentences 1 - Audio Book, Level 0 - Easystarts / A1, Novice Low

0 ratings
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